Part 6 of “The Haircut Who Would Be King” by Robert Trebor Blog Tour

Introducing “The Haircut Who Would Be King” by Robert Trebor

This is a satirical portrayal of Donald Trump’s ascent to power and his unconventional alliance with Vladimir Putin. Trump, depicted as egotistical and emotionally stunted since childhood, transitions from real estate to reality TV before entering politics. He recruits shock jock Alex Clamz for his presidential campaign, facing off against the sensible Mallory Claxton. Despite scandal and controversy, Trump wins the presidency with covert support from Putin. The narrative humorously highlights their contrasting personalities, with Putin portrayed as a former KGB agent with unique coping mechanisms. The story unfolds with absurdity and farce, reflecting on contemporary political dynamics through a comedic lens.

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1. ”How do you handle criticism regarding the political views presented in the book?”

I don’t think political views per se: are presented in the book. Anyone who reads the title, The Haircut Who Would Be King, and sees the cover of a large, orange-blond empty wig with a tiny gold crown on it, probably knows that this is not going to be a valentine to Trump and his regime. But one of my favorite negative reviews is “…just the rantings of an angry sorehead. Not factual at all.” Now, the book is categorized as political humor/satire, not a biography. Though there ARE facts in the book, especially Trump’s admiration for Mein Kampf and its philosophy, facts are not the main focus. EXPLODING facts into entertaining shards is my methodology. Using my imagination to create a compelling narrative, using bits of fact and rumor was the goal. Some have said that Trump’s presidency was so outrageous and farcical, it would be impossible to satirize. I beg to differ.

2. “Have you noticed different reactions from readers of varying political backgrounds?”

Sure. Democrats have been very supportive and recommend the book to their friends. They especially appreciate the wild humor, but can see the basic truth from which the satire springs.

Traditional Republicans, many of whom left the Party, like the book, but thought I went a little too far in some cases. MAGAS think I’m on the payroll of George Soros, bent on damaging the reputation of the finest President since Abraham Lincoln. I respond that NO ONE has to damage Donald J. Trump. One of his limited talents is for the complete self-destruction of his and many people’s reputations.

3. “What discussions do you hope your book will spark among readers?”

The major discussion is that NO ONE can sit this election out saying, “Oh they’re both bad, so what the point?” The point is that Trump will be even worse than I satirize in the book. Remember, “I will be a dictator on day one.” The title would have to be changed to “The Haircut Who IS The King.” Also, I hope that people don’t think a 3rd Party candidate is a viable solution to the actual choices. People should know that Republicans are helping to fund RFK Jr’s candidacy. A vote for Bobby is a vote for Donnie.

4. “How has the reception of the book compared to your expectations?”

Considering the wonderful reviews the book received (I’m too modest to mention them here, but I plaster them on the front and back covers) I’m disappointed it didn’t sell better. I was hoping to get on some liberal podcasts like Stephanie Miller or Kevin Pollak. If more people become aware of book’s raucous humor, I think it could be popular. Maybe this book blog tour will rectify that.

Author Info

Robert Trebor is a character actor with more than 40 years experience on stage, film and television. Two of his noteworthy roles are The Son of Sam in the film Out Of The Darkness, and Salmoneus the merchant in the Hercules and Xena TV series. Playing both a psychopath and a salesman was enormously helpful in preparing this book. For more information –

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